Critical Incident Response

EAP can provide support after traumatic events.

A critical or traumatic incident is defined as any event outside the normal range of usual human experience that has the potential to easily overcome a person's normal ability to cope with stress. In the workplace, such incidents may include aggravated assaults, rape, robbery, suicide, murder, sudden or unexpected death of a coworker, hostage situations, industrial accidents, accidents involving injury or substantial property damage, natural disasters, or any other serious incidents that bring about strong emotional responses from coworkers and/or bystanders.

When such a traumatic event happens, the EAP will dispatch trained counselors to your workplace to provide crisis debriefing for employees and others who have been impacted by the critical incident. We will work with managers, supervisors and other key personnel to educate them about common reactions following a crisis. We'll also assist you with resources in helping manage post crisis reductions.

If you would like to learn more about our critical incident response service, please call 1-800-280-3782.