Supervisor Training

Training for supervisors and managers is provided for you either onsite or offsite at a convenient location (depending upon the size of your company).

Our supervisory trainings are designed to enhance and complement the personnel policies and procedures of the employer. Our management training and consulting staff bring more than 20 years of organizational expertise to your work-site. Our most popular training is 'How to Handle Difficult Behaviors at the Work-Site, a 1½ hour workshop designed to help supervisors identify, manage and refer employees who exhibit performance problems that have been unresponsive to traditional coaching methods.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of a troubled employee
  • Confront behaviors of concern at an early stage
  • Utilize the Employee Assistance Program as an additional resource for dealing with difficult behaviors that may require disciplinary action
  • Develop communication skills to deal with "difficult" people

All of the information and skills presented in this workshop will, if applied with even a minimum of confidence on the supervisor's part, result in cost containment to the company and an increase in employee productivity. It will also help supervisors and managers improve morale of the other employees who work with someone who is exhibiting problems at work.

The EAP also provides other management training on topics, such as downsizing for managers, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and communication skills for managers. Download the Leadership Training Catalog (PDF).