Manager's Toolkit

Your guide to Employee Assistance Program services.

We have designed the following materials and services to help you better navigate the EAP services available to you and your employees:

Assistance with policy and procedure development

Your EAP can help you structure policies and procedures in such areas as sexual harassment, alcohol and drug abuse, discipline, supervisory referrals to EAP and other important issues. Read more.


Provides a predetermined number of sessions for any issues at home or work that are of concern to the employee or supervisor. Counseling can be in-person or telephonic, depending upon the needs of the client and company. Read more.

Critical Incident Response

For emergency situations that arise, such as a robbery, the death of an employee, natural disaster, or other 'critical incident.' We can help walk you through the steps to take in order to provide the appropriate support for your company, your employees and their families. Our services include a wide range of solutions for any traumatic incident from telephone consultation to providing a counselor onsite. Read more.

Supervisor Referrals for Behaviors of Concern

When a decline in performance on the job prevents a smooth and cohesive team effort. There are several types of referrals to the EAP, and management referral sends a powerful message that the same behavior must not continue. Read more.

Supervisor Training

In areas such as dealing with difficult behaviors of concern, how and when to refer an employee to the EAP, time management, preventing workplace violence and more. Read more.

Telephonic Consultation

A masters level counselor experienced in a variety of business types provide assistance in handling 'difficult' behaviors or personalities at the work-site. You may want to know how to handle the office gossip, or need suggestions on how to intervene on inappropriate behavior. We are there to provide you with a variety of resources and ideas. Read more.

Wellness Classes

Provides onsite and online classes for employees and managers in a variety of areas, such as communication skills, stress reduction and wellness promotion, budgeting, and eldercare. Read more